Quinta Alegre

Built in the 1920s on Avenida de Cervantes, it had been deteriorating irreparably since its last owner, the builder Ávila Rojas, who ceded it to the Town Hall in 1978.

However, the rehabilitation project of the Quinta Alegre Palace, completed in 2006, has turned it into one of the most luxurious palaces in the city.


  • Located in the centre of Granada
  • Beautiful exterior gardens
  • Celebrate events indoors or out
  • One of the most luxurious palaces in the capital
  • Views of the Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra and the Cathedral

The Palace

The rehabilitation project of the Quinta Alegre Palace, which has turned it into one of the most luxurious palaces in the city, has motivated many companies and individuals to seek information about the possibilities of organising a wedding or event inside.

This rehabilitation, which cost two million euros, included restoring the gardens to their original state, before the palace was built, with the same species. This was possible because the “footprint” of the original garden, which had been destroyed a century before, was found underground.

Today, the passage to the gardens is open to anyone who wants to appreciate its natural beauty and contemplate the exterior of the carmen, the surrounding buildings, like an Arab style minaret, as well as the views of the sierra, the Alhambra or the cathedral.


During the rehabilitation of the Quinta Alegre Palace, they contemplated repurposing the building for events, which is one of the reasons why, nowadays our catering service holds weddings or company events there.

The palace has two halls and a viewpoint of different sizes, between 130 and 300 guests. But if you opt for an open-air ceremony, the number of guests can reach up to 600 in the entrance esplanade. For large events, the gardens can accommodate a cocktail party of up to 1,500 people.

Walking around these gardens and looking out over their viewpoints is a must to see Granada from a unique point of view, in a place that also has its history and stories.