Granada Arts Pavilion

The Arts Pavilion is a unique architectural complex that will delight all who visit it. Inside we find an important collection of renowned works, which make this a unique place.


  • Unique place surrounded by works of art
  • Enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Impressive views of the city of Granada
  • Easy access and excellent communication
  • Fenced perimeter and private parking
  • The whole space just for you

Arts Pavilion

A unique architectural and artistic ensemble by the renowned sculptor and ceramist Miguel Ruiz Jimenez. The artist famous for carrying out a revolutionary architectural style as well as for pioneering the recovery of the ancestral technique of Golden Earthenware.

The pavilion consists of two main rooms. The first one is the exhibition hall, where we find different works of great importance such as the recovery of the Alhambra’s Vessels.

Then we find the dome room where there is a unique sculpture of its kind, both for its dimensions of 10 metres high, and for its artistic complexity, called “El Hombre Arco” (The Arch Man).

The building itself is surrounded by a wide area of terraces with breath-taking views. A unique place to immortalise a romantic moment or to enjoy a friendly chat in the open air.

Celebrate Events

A perfect fusion of art and cuisine.

The complex has impressive outdoor areas with spectacular views of the city of Granada, ideal for impressing your guests with a welcome drink or an open-air cocktail.

The 480m2 Exhibition Hall is able to comfortably seat up to 350 guests. You will be able to taste our cuisine in a unique place surrounded by highly valuable works of art.

The Dome Room is ideal to organise shows, an open bar and cocktail parties. Finally, the venue has a large private parking lot that will be of great comfort to your guests.